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Upcoming workshops

As part of the Family and Childcare Trust's on going support to local Parent Champions schemes, we deliver a range of free workshops to members of the Parent Champions National Network. We post our upcoming workshops here.


Parent Champions workshop: train the trainer

Build a stronger understanding of how to use the new Parent Champions volunteer training resources to train recruits in-house.
Wandsworth Parent Champions celebrate winning the award for outstanding contribution to the Parent Champion National Network

Parent Champions conference and awards

The Parent Champions conference is held every year to celebrate the achievements of Parent Champions and learn from their experiences.

Resources and tools

Members of the Parent Champions National Network get free access to the latest resources and tools developed by the Family and Childcare Trust.

You must be logged in with your Parent Champions scheme's user account to access these. Learn more about setting up a Parent Champions scheme.


Setting up your scheme

Business card template
A business card for Parent Champions to give to parents they speak with.
Download front side
Download back side

Setting up your Parent Champions scheme flyer
A flyer about the benefits of setting up a local Parent Champions scheme.

Initiating your scheme

Training certificate
A certificate to personalise and give to Parent Champions volunteers upon completion of the Parent Champions volunteer training.

Volunteer start form
A data monitoring form to help track the progress of Parent Champions volunteers.

Delivering your scheme

Event sign up sheet
Parent Champions can use this sheet at events to collect details of parents who request further information.

Volunteer journal template
A sample journal entry for coordinators to use when tracking the progress of their volunteers.

Sustaining your scheme

Monthly monitoring report template
An excel spreadsheet for coordinators to use to record the data collected by Parent Champions on a monthly basis. This helps to complete the quarterly surveys.

Parent Champions kite

The Parent Champions programme is supported by