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Benefits of setting up a Parent Champions Scheme

For over a decade, the Parent Champions programme has transformed the lives of families across the country as well as the lives of Parent Champions volunteers.

In 2017, Parent Champions supported nearly 7,000 parents, 57 per cent of who were black, Asian and minority ethnic, 22 per cent had children with special educational needs and disabilities, and 13 per cent lived in rural areas. 2,000 two year olds took up a free childcare place thanks to the help of a Parent Champion.

• Our peer to peer model is well-established and proven to be effective at raising parents’ awareness of the benefits and availability of local services, such as free early education entitlements - parents are more likely to trust other parents

• The model is adaptable can lend itself to a variety of messages and behaviour changes to meet your local needs

• Low cost method of spreading information and increasing take-up of services, particularly to families who are more likely to miss out

• The National Network of 56 Parent Champions schemes provides opportunities to share best practice, get a national profile, gather national parent voice to campaign and lobby for policy change

• High quality resources and accredited training to build volunteers’ skills to help them be successful Parent Champions and improve employability

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50 Parent Champions schemes across the country

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9000 families reached per year


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Train the Trainer - 10 April 2019

The workshop will equip you with the skills needed to facilitate effective training so as to give your Parent Champions volunteers the best foundation to become ambassadors in their community.

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