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National Association of Family Information Services

The National Association of Family Information Services (NAFIS) is a national membership organisation meeting the needs of local Family Information Services and providing a national framework, quality standards and best practice. Set up in 1992 and operated by the Family and Childcare Trust, the majority of Family Information Services in England are members of NAFIS.

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NAFIS members feed into the running of the Association through surveys, regional meetings, the nationwide Steering Group and discussion forum and through the esteemed annual NAFIS conference.

As a NAFIS member, you will benefit from:

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Representation at the highest level

Through the steering group, NAFIS members can influence work and policy at a national level. Your input will inform NAFIS and Family and Childcare Trust’s work with government and research, making your voice heard by government officials and policy makers.
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Bespoke support from the NAFIS Officer

The NAFIS Officer is a dedicated member of staff within the Family and Childcare Trust tasked to meet the needs of NAFIS members. The NAFIS Officer brings Family and Childcare Trust’s wealth of expertise and knowledge to provide you with bespoke support for a wide range of scenarios.

Real-time communication and best practice sharing with the NAFIS community

With access to the exclusive NAFIS Facebook Group, you can directly share questions, resources and strategies with all other NAFIS members across the UK. This peer to peer support has been highly successful in helping members find ways to make their local practice more effective and efficient.
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Our high-quality weekly newsletter

Latest industry news, upcoming events and training courses delivered from the Family and Childcare Trust straight to your inbox every week.
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Discounted rates for the NAFIS Conference

Each year the NAFIS Conference provides a platform for Family Information Services to connect with key policy makers, civil servants and digital partners in the field of childcare and family information services. As a member of NAFIS you receive a significantly discounted delegate rate for the conference.
An audience member at the 2016 NAFIS Conference speaks with a microphone

NAFIS Conference

Ruth Newell, Families Information Direct, London Borough of Redridge

"The 2016 NAFIS conference was one of, if not the best NAFIS conference to date - and being in CIS/FIS for 12 years I’ve been to a lot! The organisation was excellent. I’d also like to take the opportunity to thank you for this and all the other support you offer us over the year. I look forward to attending next year!"

Talk to us about becoming a NAFIS member

Curious for more details? Get in touch with Will Tucker, our NAFIS Officer at or call 020 7940 7521.