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About Coram Family and Childcare

Many parents in the UK today are frozen out of work by the cost of childcare and disadvantaged children fall behind their peers before they even start school. Coram Family and Childcare works to change this and to make the UK a better place for families.

We focus on childcare and the early years to make a difference to families’ lives now and in the long term. We work to make sure that every child has access to high quality childcare and every parent is better off working once they have paid for childcare. Families who face disadvantage, social exclusion and poverty are at the heart of our work.

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What we do

Our parent-led programmes support families to achieve their potential and services to deliver solutions that meet families’ needs. Our Parent Champions National Network has been running since 2007, helping families that are more likely to miss out on services to get the support that helps them to thrive.

Our research provides definitive data on the issues families face, including our Childcare Survey which is the most widely used source of information on the costs and availability of childcare in the UK.

Bringing together what we learn from our on the ground work with families and our research, we make change happen by campaigning for solutions that families need.

Before August 2018, we were known as the Family and Childcare Trust.

Our parent-led programmes

We run a range of parent-led programmes aimed at providing support for parents in the everyday but not-always-easy job of being a parent. Many of these focus on supporting parents to build the extended support networks that other parents can take for granted. 

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Young Dads Collective

The Young Dads Collective (YDC) works to improve the lives of young dads and their children by tackling the social exclusion that holds back young dads’ parenting skills and means. As experts by experience, the YDC’s young dads work with professionals to transform how organisations engage with young dads and overcome the hidden barriers that shut young dads out. The YDC directly employs and develops the skills of the collective’s young dads.
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Parent Champions

Parent Champions are parent volunteers who give a few hours a week to talk to other local parents about accessing childcare and other local family services. Coram Family and Childcare developed our Parent Champions programme to help parents who miss out on vital information. The Parent Champions model is delivered by parents for parents, with the support of a local authority, children’s centre or local community organisation.
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Parent-led childcare

Parent-led childcare is not for profit childcare designed and co-delivered by parents, for parents. Coram Family and Childcare is working with the New Economics Foundation to develop a feasible model for piloting and expanding parent-led childcare in the UK.

Our research and campaigns

Our research and advocacy focuses on making Britain as supportive of fulfilling family lives as possible, and on holding central and local government to account for doing all it can to remove barriers for families. 

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By revealing new insights into family life in the UK and formulating innovative solutions, our research aims to push the envelope on how families are supported in the UK. One of our flagship research projects is an annual survey of childcare costs, providing government, parents and charities with a reliable indicator of what’s happening to the cost of childcare in Britain.

Contact us

For general enquiries, please call 020 7239 7535 or email

Unfortunately we do not provide a helpline or advice for individual families and we cannot reply to requests for this type of support. If you are looking for childcare or advice about finding childcare please use our childcare finder.

Megan Jarvie, Head of Coram Family and Childcare 

Megan has been Head of Coram Family and Childcare since November 2018 and has worked for Coram Family and Childcare since 2016, previously working as Head of Policy and Communications. Megan is a leading voice for families, parents and childcare, and makes a demonstrable difference to policy on families and childcare in the UK.

Before joining the organisation, she worked in campaigns at Child Poverty Action Group and Diabetes UK and in policy and strategy for local government and the NHS. Her work for local government and the NHS involved service improvement and change management, as well as working in family services.

External affairs team

Mohammed Dali-Chaouch, Research and Policy Assistant


Hannah Parlett, Membership and Communications Assistant 



Programmes team


Ellie Grace, Programmes and Development Manager


Katie Watts, Volunteer Manager 


Joanna Watts, Programmes Officer


Sarah Ross, Campaigns and Programmes Officer 


Stephanie Brannigan, Volunteer Coordinatior 


Finance and resources team

Cleo Pierre, Finance and Admin Officer 


Fundraising statement

Coram Family and Childcare is part of the Coram charitable group, and fundraising activities are undertaken and assured by the central fundraising department. As the parent charity, Coram is registered with the Fundraising Regulator and adheres to the Fundraising Code of Practice. Our privacy policy can be found on our website here. If you have any comments or concern, please contact

Our annual reviews

Our annual review is a record of our achievements over the past year, providing details on our funders, staff and members of our trustee board.

Coram Family and Childcare was formed when the Family and Childcare Trust joined the Coram group of charities in 2018.

Family and Childcare Trust annual reviews:

You can also read our financial statements from 2016-17, 2015-16 and 2014-15

The Family and Childcare Trust was formed by a merger between the Daycare Trust and the Family and Parenting Institute in 2013.

Daycare Trust annual reviews:

Family and Parenting Institute annual reviews:

Working for us

Job opportunities

All available jobs and internships will be posted here as and when they arise throughout the year.

The benefits of working with Coram Family and Childcare include generous annual leave, pension contributions, employee assistance programme and membership of Better Bankside offering discounts and promotions in the local area. 

Please be aware that we do not accept applications submitted through agencies.


Coram Family and Childcare is committed to ensuring that we pay our staff fairly and in a way which ensures we attract and retain the right skills to have the greatest impact in delivering our charitable objectives.

In accordance with the Charities SORP, the Companies Act 2006, and the Charities Act 2011, Coram Family and Childcare discloses the following:

* All payments made to Trustees (no Trustees receive ‘pay’ although they are entitled to claim for appropriate expenses)

* The number of staff in receipt of more than £60,000 (in bands of £10,000)

* Pensions and other benefits

In addition, Coram Family and Childcare has considered the recommendations set out in the NCVO ‘Report of the Inquiry into Charity Senior Executive Pay’ published in April 2014, and has followed these where appropriate.

Coram Family and Childcare has a Pay Strategy and Policy which provides a framework within which decisions about pay and remuneration for the organisation can be made. The policy is reviewed annually by the Finance, Risk and Audit Committee (FRAC) in order to ensure that the content remains appropriate, conforms to current employment legislation and enables staff to understand how decisions are made. The implementation of the pay strategy is the responsibility of the Board upon recommendation of the FRAC.

The main responsibilities of the FRAC, in relation to pay strategy, are:

* Annual review of the pay grades to ensure that Coram Family and Childcare salaries remain competitive, within budgetary constraints

* In conjunction with the Chair of the Board, to determine the remuneration package of the CEO

* Make a recommendation to the Board for the annual percentage increase in the payroll for all staff (which can be zero) taking into account RPI as at 31 December in the previous year

* To consider, and recommend as appropriate, any pay awards outside of the annual review and budget-setting processes, as recommended by the CEO

* To review and determine the pension arrangements

* To ensure that contractual terms on termination are fair to both the individual and the charity, that poor performance is not rewarded and a duty to mitigate loss is recognised

Our remuneration policy

How we decide how much we pay our staff

The objective of the policy is to ensure that the CEO and staff team are provided with appropriate incentives to encourage enhanced performance and are, in a fair and responsible manner, rewarded for their individual contributions to the success of the charity. The appropriateness and relevance of the remuneration policy is reviewed annually including reference to comparisons with other charities ensuring Coram Family and Childcare remains sensitive to the broader issues, eg. pay and employment conditions elsewhere.

We aim to recruit, subject to experience, at the lower to medium point within a pay band, providing scope to be rewarded for excellence. We do not employ interns without pay and we pay the London Living Wage for all staff.

Delivery of Coram Family and Childcare’s charitable vision and purpose is primarily dependent on our staff, which is the largest single element of charitable expenditure. In 2015 - 16 Coram Family and Childcare awarded staff a 1 per cent cost of living uplift in salary. One member of staff earned more than £60,000 in the year. Further information on pension arrangements and on the salary costs for the year with comparisons to the previous year are presented in the notes to the 2013 - 2015 financial statements in note 6 on page 17.

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