Blog | 'Shared Parental Leave will help build a family friendly workplace' by Jo Swinson MP, Minister for Employment Relations and Consumer Affairs

23 Oct

It’s particularly fitting in Family Friendly week to have the opportunity to talk about the introduction of Shared Parental Leave - a move that will make the UK workplace a more family-friendly environment.

Up until now, families have had very limited options when it comes to juggling the demands of work with the arrival of a new baby. The system reinforced the archaic assumptions that the bulk of childcare responsibilities should be done by mums, and failed to recognise the vitally important role that dads and partners have to play.

But from April 2015 parents will have real choice in how they share caring for their baby and time off work in the first year of their child’s life.

We all know that every family has its own unique set of circumstances, so having a rigid approach to parental leave really doesn’t make sense. Now the new Sh...