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Our work

At the YDC we believe that as ‘experts by experience’ young dads are the best people to make change for themselves and their peers. We employ a small team of young fathers, training, mentoring and enabling them to share their knowledge and experiences with practitioners, service providers and policy makers and to influence change in policy and practice. We create a space in which our team can provide the ‘authentic’ voice for young dads, while also offering kinship and personal support to members who, in many cases, would otherwise not have been heard. Through the YDC, members develop their employability skill sets improving the life chances for themselves and their children.

YDC dad stands in front of graffiti wall art

YDC helped me to voice my opinion. I thought I was the only one but there are so many people out there. I know you don’t have to be afraid.

Our services

We provide a range of professional, peer-led services offering advice, training, research and solutions to the challenges faced by the organisations who aim to provide support for young dads. Our experts-by-experience provide a range of support that will ensure your organisation reaches young dads.

Our range of services have been co-designed by members of the Young Dads Collective. All of the young people on the team are paid London Living Wage plus travel.


We offer:

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Staff training

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Focus group participation

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Outreach & advocacy

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Action research

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The difficulties I have been through
when becoming a father stay with
me and help me to speak.

Left out report

The Left Out report seeks to explore how young dads are accessing antenatal and postnatal services such as midwifery services, early years education and childcare. We have found multiple pitfalls in service accessibility, access to information and young father engagement. The report sets out our five key recommendations for improvement.

Contact us

To learn more about how you can benefit from our services, please contact Nicky Hill by email or call 020 7940 7539

YDC North

YDC North was launched as a collaboration between Family and Childcare Trust and Leeds City Council. Following a study by the University of Leeds which demonstrated that young fathers are often marginalised and side-lined in professional settings, YDC North was designed to expand and roll out the successful work of the YDC to the north of England. This includes empowering, supporting and training selected young fathers as experts by experience in advocacy work on behalf of other young fathers and engaging in practitioner training and consultation.

YDC North team

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CYPN Awards 2015 Winner

Winner of the Youth Volunteering Award presented at the Children and Young People Now Awards 2015

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The Young Dads Collective is funded by Esmée Fairbairn Foundation

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