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What we do

Becoming a parent can be one of the biggest and most demanding changes a person can go through. Young dads are among the most socially excluded parenting groups in the UK. They often miss out on the support networks that most parents take for granted and rely on.

YDC brings about real change by sharing young dads' knowledge and experiences with practitioners, service providers and policy makers. The YDC helps young dads to be vocal and heard, to support one another and to improve their life chances and those of their children. There is strong evidence that father involvement is positive for mums, children and dads.

YDC dad stands in front of graffiti wall art

YDC helped me to voice my opinion. I thought I was the only one but there are so many people out there. I know you don’t have to be afraid.

Our services

The YDC provides a range of innovative training sessions that are co-designed and co-delivered by young dads to support professionals to overcome the challenges they face in their work to reach and support young dads.

The YDC’s services go beyond the traditional ‘read this PowerPoint, remember this acronym’ format. We create a space for real dialogue, reflection and growth.

As experts by experience, our young dads will guide you through open and constructive discussions based on their experiences, supporting you to reflect on and reevaluate your work from the perspective of a young dad.

From small, simple phrases you can use, to organisation wide practices you can implement to transform how you and your team support the wellbeing of young dads in your local community, the YDC will help you make the changes you want and need to see in your work.

Learn more about our Ask a Dad workshop below, or email us at to find out more about how we can support you.

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A room full of people workshopping in small groups with young dads

Ask a Dad workshop

The Ask a Dad workshop is a unique dad engagement MOT designed and delivered by the YDC’s young dads to help you reflect on and improve your services.

Left out report

The Left Out report seeks to explore how young dads are accessing antenatal and postnatal services such as midwifery services, early years education and childcare. We have found multiple pitfalls in service accessibility, access to information and young father engagement. The report sets out our five key recommendations for improvement.

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The difficulties I have been through
when becoming a father stay with
me and help me to speak.

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CYPN Awards 2015 Winner

Winner of the Youth Volunteering Award presented at the Children and Young People Now Awards 2015

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