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In response to the Liberal Democrats' manifesto commitment to early years and childcare, Lydia Hodges, Head of Coram Family and Childcare, said:

The Liberal Democrat manifesto commitment to early years and childcare is a welcome recognition of the importance of getting things right in the early years. We have been calling for Early Years Pupil Premium to be brought in line with Primary Pupil Premium, and this proposed increase would be a good first step to making sure disadvantaged children do not miss out on their right to an early education.

The steep decline in childcare availability identified by our annual Childcare Survey was most marked for disabled children, so we welcome the plans to include a specific SEND emphasis in early years staff training and the development of a career strategy to address the recruitment and retention crisis in the workforce.

We continue to call on all political parties to commit to reforming our childcare system so all children can access the early years education they need to thrive, and all parents can make meaningful choices about work and care.

For more information, please contact Emma Lamberton, Communications Manager, Coram at / 0207 520 0427 / 07908 827908. For our latest research on childcare availability, costs and barriers to successful delivery of the expansion of funded childcare, see our Childcare Survey 2024.

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