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In response to the government's announcement of a childcare recruitment campaign, Ellen Broomé, Managing Director of Coram Family and Childcare, said:

Our recent research found that the vast majority (88%) of councils identify the childcare workforce as a barrier to successful delivery of the extra childcare that is being rolled out from April. Today’s announcement is a welcome step in addressing these issues and in recognising the valuable and rewarding work of early years professionals.

But on its own it will not deliver the step change that we need. This should be the first step towards a full early years workforce strategy that addresses the significant challenges around retention and recruitment with better pay and career progression, as well as a focus on recruiting the right people with the right skills. This is crucial to making this policy a success and making sure no family or child miss out on the high quality early years education they are entitled to.

For more information, please contact Emma Lamberton, Communications Manager, Coram at / 0207 520 0427 / 07908 827908. For our latest research on barriers to successful delivery of the expansion of funded childcare, see our Childcare Survey 2024 early release:

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