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Coram and the Family and Childcare Trust are pleased to announce that the Family and Childcare Trust is joining the Coram group of charities to become Coram Family and Childcare.

Coram Family and Childcare will remain an independent registered charity and will continue its current work programme, including running the Parent Champions National Network, reaching thousands of disadvantaged families each year, its childcare surveys, the definitive source of information on the cost and availability of childcare in the UK each year, and supporting the All Party Parliamentary Group on Families in the Early Years. 

Ellen Broome, CEO of the Family and Childcare Trust said: “I am very excited by the opportunity that joining the Coram group provides to help us meet the needs of more families and have a greater impact. For 30 years, the Family and Childcare Trust and our predecessor organisations have been championing the needs of families, particularly around childcare and the early years. During that time, we have seen childcare move up the public policy agenda and we have seen significant additional investment.

“But we still face considerable challenges. Many parents in the UK are frozen out of work by the high cost and low availability of childcare and many children miss out on the boost to their outcomes that high quality provides. The brunt of childcare costs and shortages are borne by disadvantaged families. I look forward to working as part of the Coram group to create a childcare and early years system that works for all families.”

Dr Carol Homden CBE, CEO of Coram, said: “Tackling inequality and making sure that all children are respected and protected are at the heart of Coram’s work and Coram Family and Childcare will help us to have a greater impact for families.

“By combining expertise and experience, we will develop, deliver and promote best practice to strive for change and will not rest until every child has the best possible chance in life.”




Contact: Megan Jarvie, telephone 020 7940 7540 or 07538 334 772, email:

Notes to editors:

  1. Coram Family and Childcare will be based on the Coram Campus from 23 July 2018.
  2. The legal amalgamation is expected to be completed by 1 August 2018.

About Coram Family and Childcare

Coram Family and Childcare works to make the UK a better place for families by bringing together what we learn from our on the ground parent-led programmes and our research to campaign for solutions that parents want and need. We focus on childcare and early years to make a difference to families’ lives now and in the long term. Before 1 August 2018, the charity was known as the Family and Childcare Trust.

About Coram

Coram is the UK’s oldest children’s charity, supporting children to have the best possible chance in life since 1739. We support children and young people from their earliest days to independence, creating a change that lasts a lifetime. We help build their confidence; we help them to develop skills; we uphold their rights, we support practitioners in the areas of fostering and adoption and we find loving adoptive families for the most vulnerable children.

Coram works as group of organisations to change lives today and create solutions for tomorrow. Coram Family and Childcare is the newest member of the Coram group whose members also include:

  • Coram Adoption and Permanent Families
  • CoramBAAF
  • Coram Cambridgeshire Adoption
  • Coram Children’s Legal Centre
  • Coram-i
  • Coram International
  • Coram Life Education
  • Coram Voice

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