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Covid & Childcare: the role of local authorities

Co-authored by Gillian Paull, Frontier Economics and Megan Jarvie, Coram Family and Childcare

This report focuses on the role played by local authorities (LAs) in supporting parents and childcare providers during the pandemic, the impacts of Covid on local childcare, and how the pandemic experience may permanently change the LA role in the sector.

It presents the findings from semi-structured telephone interviews undertaken with 122 LA Early Years Leads between February and April 2021.

It is part of a wider Covid and Childcare study exploring the impact of the pandemic on early education and care services, funded by the Nuffield Foundation and being undertaken by a team of researchers from the Centre for Evidence and Implementation, the University of East London, UCL, Frontier Economics, Coram Family and Childcare, and the Institute for Fiscal Studies.

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