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Childcare Survey 2020

Authored by Lester Coleman, Mohammed Dali-Chaouch and Claire Harding

In its 20th annual Childcare Survey, Coram Family and Childcare reveal that the average price for 25 hours of nursery childcare for a child under two has risen by 5 per cent to £6,800 per year. 

Most parents will be able to get some support with paying for their childcare, including from 30 hours funded childcare for three and four year olds with working parents in England, and Tax Free Childcare across the UK. While many families welcome this support with childcare costs, others may be missing out on the help that’s available because the system is so complex. 

132 pounds per week for a part time nursery place for a child under two

56% of councils

in England report having enough childcare for parents working full time

27% of councils

in Scotland report having enough childcare places for working parents
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Research by Coram Family and Childcare

Our research and advocacy focuses on making Britain as supportive of fulfilling family lives as possible, and on holding central and local government to account for doing all it can to remove barriers for families. By revealing new insights into family life in the UK and formulating innovative solutions, our research aims to push the envelope on how families are supported in the UK. 

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