The Family and Childcare Trust

Investing in Flexible Childcare

The Family and Childcare Trust launches its new campaign, Investing in Flexible Childcare.

2015 Annual Holiday Childcare Cost Survey

Many families in Britain face challenges when it comes to finding and paying for holiday

Access denied: Childcare sufficiency and market management

The quarter of local authorities failing to monitor childcare places in England are putting gover

Exclusion of fathers impacts children's life chances, says Parliamentary Inquiry

Children’s life chances are being affected because of a failure of early years services to active

'At-Home' childcare could solve London atypical hours childcare shortage

The Family and Childcare Trust has today called on London councils to respond to the growing need for childcare outside normal office hours

Improving information: Special Education Needs and Disability

Local councils must provide all parents, children and young people with impartial information, ad

Childcare costs research

Every year the Family and Childcare Trust collects statistics about childcare