Family research and policy

Family Friendly Report Card 2014

The Family and Childcare Trust annual report card is currently the only annual assessment of how family friendly the UK is. It analyses national data across four areas: financial resources, work-life balance, essential services for families and children, and family friendly infrastructure such as housing and childcare. Read More

The work of Family Information Services

The role of Family Information Services is changing and some are under pressure due to funding cuts. Our surveys map the state of provision and highlights good practice. Read More

Time to care: Generation generosity under pressure

New research reveals extent of sacrifice grandparents make for their children. Read More

Family Friendly Report Card

The Family Friendly Report Card is the only annual assessment of the extent to which the UK is a family friendly nation. Read More

Other family reports and publications

Previous reports and publications of Family and Parenting Institute and Daycare Trust. Read More