Family Friendly Report Card 2014

The Family and Childcare Trust annual report card is currently the only annual assessment of how family friendly the UK is. It analyses national data across four areas: financial resources, work-life balance, essential services for families and children, and family friendly infrastructure such as housing and childcare.

To ensure our insights reflect the real experiences of families, we also undertook an online survey of 2552 parents through Netmums.

This Report Card looks at how well we are doing as a country to support family life. Most families do a great job raising and caring for children and older relatives and they are where most people turn for help in a crisis. Although most families do well, we know that families need certain resources to withstand stress and thrive, including:

  • A decent income
  • Family-friendly work
  • High quality public services, such as nurseries, schools and healthcare
  • Family friendly infrastructure, including housing, transport and childcare

We have drawn on our own analysis of policy and official statistics, as well as the real experiences of families, through an online survey of parents. We asked their opinions on wellbeing, income, work, public services and their living environment. We also asked them to grade the Government on its effort to support families and to give suggestions for what would make Britain more family friendly.

Our Report Card is timely, as the Government has recently announced that it will introduce a family test for all new policies. We welcome this move and the Government’s recognition of the importance of supporting families. We hope the Family and Childcare Trust’s Report Card is a valuable starting point for debate about making this country more family friendly.

Read the full report here